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Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed 100%

(Cleaning Guarantee)  

All of the Gentle Steam Cleaning Services come with a 30-Day Guarantee.
Meaning: If you're not happy with any of our cleaning services Gentle Steam will....

RE-CLEAN any area or item to your satisfaction. If you're still not happy...., Gentle Steam will REFUND you the money in full paid for that area or item you're not satisfied and offer an apology.
REPAIR if we damaged any item(s) while on your property, we will repair it, or if it can't be repaired we will issue you a cheque for the actual cash value of that item(s) from a Gentle Steam source and offer an apology.


(Rental Guarantee)  

If at any point you're not happy with the way equipment is performing due to malfunction, Gentle Steam will offer you a replacement unit for FREE at no charge to you with an upgraded unit for the same duration as per original rental agreement . Once you've used the equipment and it is still giving you trouble..., Gentle Steam will  REFUND you the money in full paid for that equipment and offer an apology.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed | Gentle Steam Edmonton, Alberta

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