• Daily
    • $119
    • 6,000 + mg/hr
    • Electronic Timer
    • 4" Intake
    • .8 Amps
    • Delivery Available
    • Weekly
    • $476
    • 6,000 + mg/hr
    • Electronic Timer
    • 4" Intake
    • .8 Amps
    • Delivery Available
    • Monthly
    • Call
    • 6,000 + mg/hr
    • Electronic Timer
    • 4" Intake
    • .8 Amps
    • Delivery Available



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Restrictions Apply: Based on a 24 Hr Rental. Rates are subject to change without notice. At this price if picked up from our location. Brand, specifications and colour may vary. Filters, Ducting, Delivery and GST extra.



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Ozone Generator Rental (XT-6000) Edmonton, Alberta

Ozone Generator Machine Air-Zone XT in Edmonton, Alberta, YEG, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Fort McMurrayHigh Powered Ozone Generators are advanced professional models designed for high ozone shock treatments in unoccupied areas. That means no people, plants, or pets in the same space when the generator is running. They are used to give shock treatments in specific areas to combat strong odours like smoke smell after fires or cigarette smoking and kill mould spores and bacteria.

Ozone Generator works great for car dealerships, hotel rooms, crime scene clean-up, sports equipment, basements, pet odours, and smoke smell removal. Best price deals on smoke removing equipment. Ozone generators are widely used on recreational vehicles such as cars and RV’s, to permanently remove any bad and unpleasant odours from fabric, vents and carpet floors.


Ozone Generator and How Much Can it Treat?

Ozone Generator Unit XT-6000 can shock treat up to  ~1600 sq. ft.

Remember this unit can only be used in unoccupied spaces! (No People, No Pets, No Plants, No Food) in area where ozone generator is running.
A high concentration of ozone is a MUST to kill bacteria, smoke smell from fires, cigarettes and Mold Spores!


What Other Air Cleaning Equipment Would I need To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell, Cigarette Odours and Pet Odours?

We strongly recommend that you also use air movers, fans, blowers when running an ozone generator unit in a house or business to treat smoke odours or any other bad odours. These powerful blowers will evenly distribute high concentration of ozone gas throughout the dwelling, treating carpets, walls, furniture, clothing, HVAC System, Kitchen and Dresser Cabinets throughout the entire house.

Technical Specifications XT-6000:

  • Rated Professional Ozone Generator Output Per Hour: Fully variable from 1000 mg/hr to 6000 mg/hr.
    ACTUAL OZONE OUTPUT: 6500 mg/hr (ozone output verified by SGS)
  • Built-In Electronic Timer: 10 – 150 minutes & Continuous Mode
  • Longer run times can be achieved with a separate lamp timer
  • Generation Method: Corona Discharge, US Patented Xetin ozone
  • Ozone Air Flow Rate: 30 CFM with a 107 CFM heavy duty, quiet precision ball bearing fan
  • Electrical Source: AC 110V-120V, 60 Hz
  • Electrical Consumption: 0.8 Amp, 96 Watts
  • Transformers: 1
  • Dimensions: 21.5″ ( L ) X 5.63″ ( W ) X 5.63″ ( H )
  • Weight – 10 lb.


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